U.S. Prohibitions on Importation of Products Made with Coerced Labor

On 19 September 2016 PriceSanond’s Douglas Mancill gave a presentation at the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand entitled: “Supply Chains: U.S. Trade Facilitation & Enforcement Act and California Transparency in Supply Chains Act”.  The presentation covered supply chain risks arising out of products sourced in Thailand, focusing on:

  • The preventative steps companies should take now to help ensure that their supply chains are clean.
  • The risks of civil and criminal liability if they are not.
  • The reputational risks that arise when a company’s supply chain is not, or appears not to be, clean.
  • The compliance measures that can be taken to help ensure the integrity of a company’s supply chain

To access that presentation, click here.  For more information  about these laws, the latest developments in this area and the protective measures that companies should take to reduce supply chains risks, please conduct us.