The firm now named Price Sanond was founded in Bangkok in 1969 by Harvey Price, who had come to Thailand in 1962 serving in the U.S. Peace Corps, Group 1. It is thus one of Thailand’s oldest law firms. Mr. Price served for many years as the firm’s managing partner, and is now retired. Andrew Wynne, the only remaining name partner, came to Thailand in 1971, and has been with the firm since 1977. Over the years the firm has participated in several international affiliations, all of which are now ended, but the firm has always operated independently. Its partners and other senior personnel today include both Thai nationals and expatriates who have joined over the years, in some cases as a consequence of then prevailing international affiliations.

The firm today is a member of several international legal organizations. The practice of the firm has grown as Thailand’s economy has expanded over the years. Today Price Sanond remains one of Thailand’s pre-eminent internationally oriented legal firms.