New Article on Class Action Lawsuits

Please see our new article highlighting new legislation providing for class action lawsuits in Thailand here. For more information on litigation and dispute resolution in general, please see the knowledge section of our website here.

Sentencing Alternatives to Imprisonment Available to Thai Courts

Following recent regulations issued under Thailand’s Criminal Procedures Code, Thai courts have new flexibility in sentencing for criminal cases.  As an alternative to imposing a prison sentence, Judges may in their discretion elect to restrict the travel and location of …

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On-Line Access to Court Filings and Public Documents in Thailand?

"The government is pushing for implementation of an online e-court judicial system, the better to prepare for the greater complexities of international e-commerce legislation under the Asean Economic Community", reports the Bangkok Post.  As matters stand now, there is no one centralized …

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Constitutional Court Holds Presumption of Director/Manager Guilt in conflict with Constitution

The Thai Constitutional Court has recently ruled that a presumption of director or manager guilt as provided in Thailand's Direct Sale and Direct Marketing Act (DSDM Act) conflicts with the protections afforded to individuals under the Thai Constitution. The ruling …

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Liability for Alleged Human Rights Abuses Abroad to be Argued Before U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing two cases on the scope of U.S. courts to hear cases involving alleged human rights abuses, including torture, in foreign jurisdictions.  The respected SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States of America) blog site discusses …

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Many Courts Closed this Week

Bangkok’s major courts and many government offices will be closed the week of  7 – 11 November because of the floods, reports The Nation.  Because Thai courts often defer activity in the month of December, this could lead to additional delays …

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New Confidentiality Requirements for Disclosures Made in Mediation

The President of the Supreme Court issued regulations that became effective 8 October concerning mediation in court proceedings.  Of particular importance, article 37 of these regulations provides that, unless the parties agree otherwise, information disclosed during court supervised mediations shall be …

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