Status Conference on Ex-TAT Gov’s Motion to Dimiss Indictment Continued

The U.S. government filed a motion requesting the continuance of the status conference on the motion of Juthamas (ex-Govenor of the TAT) and Jittisopa (her daughter) Siriwan to dismiss the U.S. indictment against them on money laundering related charges in connection with a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) case involving Gerald and Patricia Green.  The U.S. government asked for a continuance saying it had "not received a response from Thailand regarding extradition in this matter."  

Gerald and Patricia Green were convicted and completed prison sentences in a FCPA case where it was alleged they paid kick-backs to the Siriwans. The Siriwans were indicted in the U.S. on money laundering related charges, and had filed a motion in the U.S. to have the indictment dismissed.  A status conference was scheduled in early February on the proceedings against the Siriwans, including the motion to dismiss the indictment against them, for 30 July 2012. 

Counsel for the Siriwans filed a motion opposing the continuance saying the the Court should keep the motion on calendar and "address what further steps, if any, are necessary for its decision on the Motion to Dismiss."  In other words, possibly rule on the motion without the response from Thailand on extradition that the U.S. had requested.

On the Thai side of matters, the 4 August 2012 edition of the Bangkok Post reports that the Thai Office of the Attorney General has "not concluded the case because some key evidence in Thailand has not been compiled".

The U.S. District Court handling the motion to dismiss the indictment continued the status conference until 29 November 2012. For background on the protracted motion practice in connection with U.S. indictment of the Siriwans, visit the achieves of the anti-corruption section of the Knowledge part of our website here.