Institutional Investors Throw Their Weight Behind Thailand’s Anti-Corruption Efforts

Top institutional investors in Thailand have announced that they will collaborate on encouraging good corporate governance and anti-corruption efforts among Thai listed companies by focusing investment in those companies with proven transparency and anti-corruption track records.  On the influential corruption perceptions index, Thailand scored 88 in 2012, a ranking shared with Malawi, Morocco, Suriname and Zambia.

The group of institutional investors have over THB 6 trillion in combined assets and  include members of the Association of Investment Association Companies, the Thai Life Assurance Association and the the Association of Securities Companies, along with the Thai Government Pension Fund and Social Security Fund.  To date, the investors have reviewed the corporate governance standards and anti-corruption efforts of over 500 companies have vowed to pour investment into a select group.  Of these companies, only 80 have been deemed eligible for investment by the Association of Investment Management Companies. Vorawan Tarapoom, president of the Association of Investment Management Companies, expects transparency to improve over time, as reported by the Nation.  More information on compliance with foreign anti-corruption laws in Thailand and  Thai anti-corruption laws can be found by clicking here.

last updated 15 March 2013