NACC moves to seize assets worth B65m from Supoj


The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) will ask the attorney-general's office to confiscate assets totalling 64.7 million baht from former transport permanent secretary Supoj Saplom, reports the Bangkok Post here . A brief summary of Thai law on unusual wealth can be found here.


Mr Supoj's Bangkok home was burgled on 12 November 2011 when he was attending his daughter's wedding.


Mr Supoj told police 5 million baht was stolen, but when two suspects were arrested three days later, they told police they saw cash amounting to between 700 million and one billion baht in his home.


When seven more suspected accomplices were arrested, police recovered about 18 million baht from them.


Click here and go to the article "NACC Freezes Transport Secretary's Stolen Cash" for background on the November 12 robbery of Mr. Supoj's home and the NACC's subsequent investigation.  For more general information on anti-corruption laws, click here.