Smartphone Application Allows Instant Reporting of Corruption in Thailand

An application developed by Bribespot now allows smartphone reports on bribery in the Thai language according to the Voice of America (VOA).   A Transparency International survey found that fully one quarter of the Thai population acknowledged they were obliged to make a pay off at least once a year.  According to the VOA:

The local version of Bribespot, created by a Lithuanian living in Germany, allows anyone with access to a smartphone or computer to pinpoint where, to whom and how much they paid a bribe. The reports are then published and mapped online.

The Bribespot site for Thailand can be found here.   The Bribespot site now has its own Facebook page, significant in a country where Facebook penetration is so high.  PriceSanond has a very active anti-corruption practice; to learn more about anti-corruption laws in Thailand, click here.