New List of Hazardous Substances Published in Royal Gazette

The Ministry of Industry issued a new list of hazardous substances under the Hazardous Substances Act B.E. 2535 on 28 August 2013 (published in the Royal Gazette on 27 September 2013 and effective from 28 September 2013).  This new list (which can be accessed by clicking here) was issued pursuant to the Supreme Administrative Court’s ruling in Red Index Case No. Or. 733/2555 invalidating the previous lists following claims by certain parties that they did not understand the names of the hazardous substances on the previous lists on the basis that the names were set out in English and not in Thai.

The new list issued by the Ministry of Industry has been reclassified and the names of all hazardous substances are now stipulated in both Thai and English.  However, the registration process for producing, importing, exporting or possessing hazardous substances remains essentially the same.

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