Projects Requiring Environmental Impact Assessment Reports Revised


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (“MNRE”) has issued a new list of 35 projects which require an environmental impact assessment (“EIA”) report in accordance with the Environmental Promotion and Preservation Act.

The new list is effective as of 21 June 2012 and replaces the list previously issued by the MNRE in 2009 which included 34 projects.  A summary of the changes from the old list to the new list is as follows:

1.      dams and reservoirs have been excluded from the new list; and

2.      water diversion across river basins and water gates in main rivers have been added to the new list.

Although dams and reservoirs are no longer included on the MNRE's list of projects requiring an EIA report, such projects are still covered by other regulations and require both an EIA report and health impact assessment report, among other things.

Please check here for more information on Thai environmental laws.