Thailand Remains on U.S. Trade Representative’s “Priority Watch List” for IP Violations

Thailand remains as one of thirteen countries on the U.S. Trade Representative's "Priority Watch List" of countries considered to be the most serious violators of intellectual property rights.

Although the report states that Thai enforcement authorities, namely the Royal Thai Police and Thai Customs, have cooperated with U.S. rights holders, many initiatives begun over the past few years have yet to be completed.  In particular, the report points out that "several key pieces of legislation remain pending, including legislation to address landlord liability, to address unauthorized camcording of motion pictures in theaters, to provide Thai Customs with ex officio authority, to implement provisions of the WIPO Internet Treaties, and to establish improved legal mechanisms to address the rapidly growing problem of copyright piracy and trademark counterfeiting on the Internet."  The report also urges Thailand to improve its enforcement efforts and to impose deterrent-level sentences on violators.

The full version of the USTR's report can be found here.