BOI Soliciting Suggestions on New Investment Policy

Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) is soliciting recommendations through 28 February 2013 on a new investment policy for the BOI.  You can submit your suggestions by clicking here. The BOI provides investment promotion incentives to foreign and Thai businesses investing in certain designated activities.  The activities subject to investment promotion change from time to time as the BOI’s investment strategy for Thailand changes.  The investment privileges the BOI provides to eligible investments include, among others, income tax incentives and tariff waivers.  For foreign investors, one of the most important privileges the BOI can provide is permission to hold a majority stake in a company that may otherwise be closed to foreign majority ownership under Thai law.  For more information on Thailand’s restrictions on foreign ownership and participation in Thai businesses, click here.  BOI privileges are not available for all business activities (indeed, many business activities are not eligible for BOI promotion), and the activities that are subject to promotion change from time-to-time.

Last Updated: 23 February 2013