Increasing Thailand’s Competitiveness

Suzanne Rosselet, deputy director of the World Competitive Centre, is quoted as saying, “[w]hile [Thailand] has been doing well in basic infrastructure, there are shortfalls in technological and scientific infrastructure, as well as health care and education”, in the 30 August edition of the Bangkok Post.  She goes on to identify “labour shortages in the production sector” as one of the major challenges faced by Thailand.  Although not mentioned in the article, one way Thailand could address shortfalls in its technological and scientific infrastructure as well as labour shortages in its production sector is by easing Thailand's restrictive work permit requirements.  Ms. Rosselet says that “if Thailand can address its major weaknesses, it has the potential to move up 10 places in the world competitive ranking to 17th place, remaining between Malaysia and China.”  A copy of her very interesting PowerPoint presentation for the 1 September 2010 Thailand Competitiveness Conference is available here.