Will Japan join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations? Will Thailand?

A prominent and well respected Japanese economist, Professor Shujiro Urata, wrote that “Time is running out for Japan” to join the negotiations on the TPP in a very interesting opinion piece for the Bangkok Post.  But what is the Thai position on the TPP? 

“Foreign investors, led by Japanese firms operating in Thailand, have expressed their concerns and called on the government to join the TPP negotiations, on which the US has taken the lead, said Srirat Rastapana, director-general of the Foreign Trade Negotiation Department”, the Bangkok Post reports here.  The Nation reports that the: “Trade Negotiations Department will propose to the Cabinet that Thailand consider joining the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)”, but we are not aware of any official announcements by the Thai government.  If and when such announcements are made by the Thai government, look to this news section of our website for more information.