Thai SEC Announces Easing of Private Equity Restrictions

To provide SMEs with more access to funding, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a news release saying that private equity is a suitable source of funding for "businesses with high growth potential".   The SEC's news release says:

To support SMEs to fully make use of PE, the SEC has carried out five actions:
(1) Revising rules to allow exemption for PE manager from holding securities licenses;
(2) Allowing PE to establish in form of trust for flexibility;
(3) Coordinating with the Revenue Department to propose for an exemption of capital gain and dividend taxes for investors investing in PE, while such PE must invest in government supported businesses under the specified conditions, which must be 1) technology-based business creating added value, 2) business that enhances competitiveness of the country’s technology and 3) environmental friendly business;
(4) Coordinating with the Revenue Department to propose for tax privileges for PE with no specific time period for PE in investing in the targeted business and;
(5) Discussing with National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) about the support for PE on an investment in technology-based business.

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