CAT Board to Decide on True-CAT 3G Contracts

The 22 February 2012 edition the Bangkok Post reports that CAT Telecom's board will review its controversial 3G contracts with True Corporation to determine whether it will move forward with the cooperation or scrap the deals.

The True-CAT contracts, which were made in January 2011 and allow True to provide 3G services by upgrading its network into HSPA, are also under investigation by several state agencies, including the Administrative Court, the Information and Communication Technology Ministry and the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC). For more information on the NBTC, click here.

Concerns over the contracts include possible violations of the Frequencies Allocation Act (FAA). Section 46 prohibits license holders, including CAT, from granting other parties the right to manage spectrum, and a license is required to provide a network rental service under Section 45 of the FAA.

The future of CAT itself, which are 100%-owned by the Ministry of Finance, remains uncertain, as it will face huge revenue losses in 2014 when income from mobile phone concessions will go to the government via the NBTC.