NACC to investigate CAT-True Deal

The Bangkok Post reports here that the Thai National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) plans to pursue an investigation into the deal reached earlier this year between CAT Telecom and Thailand’s no. 3 telecom, True Corporation. Earlier this year, in May of 2011, Thailand’s no. 2 telecom, DTAC unsuccessfully sought to enjoin the 3G network partnership deals reached between CAT Telecom and True Corporation with Thailand’s Central Administrative Court, as reported here

The following month, in mid-June, “True Move…filed a criminal complaint against its bigger rival DTAC for having a foreign state enterprise as a major shareholder, which it claims is a violation of the Foreign Business Act”, reported the Bangkok Post. In July, the press reported that the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) had reached a preliminary conclusion that Thai nominees held shares on behalf of foreigners in DTAC in violation of the Foreign Business Act (FBA). There has not been much press since July about the investigation of True’s alleged violation of the FBA.

In late August the then acting National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) issued a notification restricting “foreign domination” over telecommunications businesses. In early September, the Thai Senate appointed members to what is supposed to be the current NBTC, but controversy has surrounded that appointment.

On the commercial front, DTAC commenced its 3G service on 16 August, amidst threats by CAT to immediately file a complaint against DTAC, which CAT later reconsidered, as reported here. True launched its commercial 3G service on 30 August 2011 by declaring a "3G war"