New Law for Home Workers

On 10 May 2011 the Protection of Persons Working from Home Act, B.E. 2554 (Home Workers Act), became effective.  Thailand has many labour laws, but did not have any laws specifically addressing employees who work at home before the Home Workers Act.  The Home Workers Act was enacted to set out the rights and obligations of employers and employees who work from home and also establish who has responsibility for enforcing this law.

The Home Workers Act essentially covers:

  1. An employer’s obligation to an employment relationship with an employee whom works at home.  The documentation must be in the Thai language and available for inspection by labour inspection.
  2. The employer’s obligations in respect of medical expenses, rehabilitations and funeral expenses in case of sickness, disable or death caused by the work.
  3. Right to terminate the agreement in case of delay of the employer.
  4. Restriction on employers to request or obtain securities for the work performed or damages, unless the type, amount and value of work may cause damage to the employer.
  5. An employee’s right to receive fair remuneration based on the type, quality and amount of work in accordance with the wage rate prescribed by the Labor Protection Act and the right to receive fair treatment.
  6. Limitations on the kind of work that can be performed by pregnant women or children under 15 years old.

Provisions stating that any dispute arises in relation with the Home Workers Act will be under the jurisdiction of the Thai labor courts