DBD Lowers its Fees for Registering a Private Limited Company

Registering a private limited company in Thailand is multi-step process, with registration fees payable to the Department of Business Development (DBD) at the time of filing the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and when finalizing the registration.  These fees were based on the level of capitalization, subject to a maximum of 25,000 THB upon filing the MOA and 250,000 THB upon finalizing the registration, and could represent a significant expense for highly capitalized companies.

These registration fees have now been reduced to a flat rate of 500 THB at the time of filing the MOA and 5,000 THB when finalizing the registration, meaning that the main government fees for registering a new private limited company with the DBD will be 5,500 THB.  While this move will unlikely cause potential investors to choose Thailand over other countries in the region, it does show that the DBD has an increased focus on promoting business in Thailand.