Thailand Revokes Test and Go and Sandbox Schemes – Retains Thailand Pass System – Reduces Insurance Requirements

Effective 1 May 2022 Thailand is revoking the Test and Go and the Sandbox Schemes, and reducing Covid-19 insurance requirements for non-Thai citizens entering the Kingdom.

For those who for at least 14 days prior to the date of travel have been fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine, no matter how long since the date of the most recent such vaccination, there is no longer a requirement to undergo an RT-PCR test either on or after arrival.

For information on the meaning of “fully vaccinated” and for details of approved vaccines and vaccination criteria, please see and

For those who do not qualify as fully vaccinated, there are two Options:

Option I (No Quarantine)

  • A negative RT-PCR result no more than 72 hours prior to entering Thailand is required; and
  • No COVID-19 test after arriving in Thailand is then required.

Option II (Quarantine required)

  • No RT-PCR test prior to entering Thailand;
  • Quarantine for up to 5 days in an approved hotel (a list is shown on the Thailand Pass System website) is required; and
  • A further RT-PCR test is required between day 4 and day 5.

Non-Thai citizens entering Thailand whether or not fully vaccinated additionally require Covid-19 insurance of 10,000 US dollars, except that holders of a non-immigrant visa and work permit or a permanent residence visa, in either case with Social Security coverage, are exempt from this insurance requirement. The Immigration Bureau currently takes the position that Thai citizens are not subject to any Covid-19 insurance requirement.

Persons intending to travel to Thailand continue to be required to upload relevant passport/visa information into the Thailand Pass System prior to travel, together with (as applicable) double vaccination details, insurance details, the initial RT-PCR test result and details of booking at an approved quarantine hotel. The Thailand Pass System is being revised effective 29 April 2022, to allow for data to be uploaded which conforms with the new requirements.

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